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  • We provide IT Services and Solutions to businesses of 10 to 100 employees.
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Computer Support - San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Marin

The oneclickfix story...

In 2006 we got our first account: A cookie company based in San Francisco. The cookie company...Read More

...was great at selling their tasty confections, but they were not so adept at managing their business IT and supporting their employees’ computer needs. Their technology was outdated and broke down all the time. Their workers were plagued with productivity-sapping IT disruptions and outages. Yet it didn’t make financial sense for them to create a full-time IT department for a small business of 20 people.

Enter OneClickFix. A friend of the cookie company recommended the founder of OneClickFix, an experienced IT systems administrator, to help out with a small IT project for the business. This led to another project…and another. And soon thereafter a strategy was laid out to provide ongoing IT management, monitoring, and user support.

The cookie company’s IT operations became more dependable, employees were more productive, and the business realized higher profits – all for much less than it would have cost to hire in-house staff.

That year, OneClickFix and our IT Managed Services were established, and today numerous companies benefit from our commitment to deliver the same level of IT management, monitoring, and support as an in-house IT department.

Over the last 8 years OneClickFix has experienced significant growth and has increased both the size and expertise of our staff. We are always working to improve our systems and processes in order to continue to provide the world-class IT management and support we are known for.

OneClickFix still supports the cookie company to this day. And no, we are not paid in cookies - though we have eaten a lot of them over the years!

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Clients Say...

Are they Superheroes? Well, as a matter of fact, yes, they are! We could not ask for a better solution to our needs – they far exceeded our expectations... Read More

Mamapedia has been growing at a furious pace this past year. So fast, it outstripped our ability internally to keep up with desktop support, and new PC deployment. We needed help, fast – and OneClickFix was the best call we could have made. In very short order, OneClickFix assumed virtually all of our desktop support needs, and we were able to transition our somewhat arcane, customized PC deployment tasks with much less effort than we’d anticipated. Are they Superheroes? Well, as a matter of fact, yes, they are! We could not ask for a better solution to our needs – they far exceeded our expectations.

Paul Theodoropoulos
Senior Systems Administrator,

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Whether you are a business with 10 or 100 computers, we can assess your needs to customize solutions for your unique environment.

We can be your complete IT Managed Services solution and support your network, servers, Windows and Macs, and your employees.

OneClickFix is more than just a technology provider; We are a long-term partner for your growing business.