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OneClickFix Has Moved!

OneClickFix is expanding and we are excited to announce our move to 580 California Street, 16th Floor. Stop in and say hello!

From Wikipedia: 580 California Street is a high rise office building completed in 1987 in the Financial District of San Francisco, California.

Are You Master of Your Domain?

Protect an oft overlooked IT asset: Your business domain name

Though you may not realize it, your business domain name is an incredibly important asset. It tells people where your website is on the internet, where company emails are delivered to, and where they originate from.

Seven warnings about Windows 8

Howdy Folks,

OneClickFix would like to take some time to talk about Windows 8. Here are some bullet points about Windows 8 you should know:

We do NOT recommend getting Windows 8 for business at this time.  We have found there is a bit of a learning curve to the new Metro style interface.

Is Your Internet Provider Taking Advantage of YOU? Don’t leave money on the table

Without question, there have been a lot of changes in technology in the last decade. One of the biggest improvements has been the increase in availability of inexpensive, high-speed internet bandwidth for small and mid-sized businesses.

In the recent past, businesses had a choice of either painfully slow and unreliable DSL or marginally faster and much more expensive T1 lines for their high-speed internet.

Check out our new spiffy Managed Services video

We at OneClickFix love Managed Services so much, we made a video about it. Not too sure on what Managed Services are and how they can help your company? With our Remote Managed Services, we offer a comprehensive service that optimizes and protects all of your systems, allowing your network to operate at its peak 24/7/365. Are you interested in learning the benefits your company can reap through Managed Services? Why not head over to our site, watch the video and contact us for a OneClickFix solution that meets your needs.

Win The New iPad 3!

iPad 3 Give Away
Apple says the iPad 3 is a magical window where nothing comes between you and what you love. Now that experience is even more incredible with the new iPad 3. The device features the gorgeous Retina Display, a 5-megapixel iSight Camera, an ultra-fast processor, superior wifi speeds and incredible battery life.