OLSB migration to Office 365 a tough one

Microsoft Office Live Small Business was a useful extension of the popular Microsoft Office suite. One of the biggest features was that it was one of the first office suites to integrate the cloud into the software. Earlier this year, Microsoft discontinued the service to focus on its replacement – Office 365. Many companies have moved over, but the migration hasn’t been easy.

Auto reply let’s people know you’re away

If you use Microsoft Office 365, the cloud version of Microsoft’s popular Office series, you’re probably more than comfortable with Outlook as an email platform. There are many useful features that allow you to effectively communicate, including the ability to let people know you’re going to be out of the office.

Consistent documents, thanks templates

Small business owners are always looking for ways to improve their efficiency, be it dealing with customer inquiries or developing reports. One tool that’s helped improve efficiency is the office suite, more specifically Microsoft Office 365. The word processor, Word, is an invaluable tool with many timesaving features including custom templates.

Office 365 offers some great benefits

In order for a company to stay open they need to adapt to, and change with business environments. This includes updating their computer systems to at least stay somewhat current. As it’s expensive to update systems, many companies have been turning to cloud solutions to be able to do more with what they currently have.

Shortcuts lead to Office 365 happiness

The pointing device, or mouse, is one of the integral parts of our computer platform. Without it, we would have a tough time navigating today’s complicated software. While the mouse is useful in office suites like Microsoft Office 365, there are times when it seems like it’s a waste of effort.

Office 365 Price Drops, More Competitive

One of the most useful business tools, no matter what industry you operate in, is the office suite. While there are a wide variety of choices available, the market is dominated by Microsoft Office. In the past year Microsoft has turned its eye from producing office software for the desktop to producing office solutions based around the cloud.

How to Personalize Microsoft Office 365

Computers are used on a daily basis by the vast majority of those in business. As we tend to spend such a long time behind a monitor, one of things we like is the ability to customize our systems, add our personal stamp when we can. Software developers have been more than happy to oblige users, and have started to offer customization options for even the most utilitarian of programs such as Microsoft Office 365. Are you ready to get personal?

Microsoft Office 365 is first and foremost a suite of familiar office software for businesses to use in their day-to-day operations.