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How Our IT Support Company Can Help

How Our IT Support Company Can Help You
Almost every business owner has a need for IT support—they simply do not realize it. If you are tired of putting out technology fires but you cannot afford the high cost of an in-house IT guy, then it might be time to consider a managed IT company.

Dealing With CryptoWall?

How to Keep Your Business Safe from CryptoWall
Almost a year has passed since the CryptoWall virus first began wreaking chaos upon the cyber world. As a result, federal and even international authorities broke up the CryptoLocker ring. Nevertheless, new infections have been spotted, and they are almost identical to the past Crypto viruses from before.

Backing Up Your Laptop

The Importance of Backing up Your Laptop
As time progresses, more businesses are finding that people work from home, on the road or while on vacation. According to a survey that Forrester Research conducted, around 75 percent of companies have said that this new workplace mobility has led to higher productivity.

Avoiding Online Hackers

How to Avoid Hackers with Online Banking
Repeatedly, we have received warnings to check for suspicious downloads, but many times, a Trojan horse can come with the credit union or bank logo. In many cases, people will masquerade as a banking institution to trick you into giving out personal information to hackers without realizing it.

Time for Windows 10?

Thinking about Making the Switch to Windows 10?
While Windows 8 had a lukewarm reception, the hype around Windows 10 has been somewhat better. Microsoft did away with the confusing structure and went back to the tried and proven techniques that worked with Windows XP. Should a company consider the switch to Windows 10? Our IT support company in San Francisco has seen some of the risks and costs associated with upgrading to Windows 10 from an older system.

Avoiding Cyber Threats

How to Avoid Cyber Threats
To combat cyber threats, you truly have to address them and stay aware of what's happening. CNET, a popular downloading site, reported that a lot of people have set up malware campaigns to encourage people to download apps that have malware on them.

Your DNS Connection and Computer Safety

Keeping Your Data Safe through Understanding DNS
Recently, there has been increased focus on DNS security. The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis had their data breached because of a DNS vulnerability, and other companies like the Washington Post and New York Times have all suffered because of similar attacks.

Still on Internet Explorer?

Are You Still Using Internet Explorer? Here's Why That's a Bad Idea

In 2014, Microsoft announced that they would no longer give support to Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. Despite that announcement, experts estimate that there are around 340 million people with outdated versions of Internet Explorer.